At Peyton Place, we believe in a conscious dining experience from the ground up. To us, this has always meant not only being conscious of where our food comes from and having the best organic ingredients but also being conscious of how the food is prepared and the atmosphere in which it is served.

True consciousness means taking pride and responsibility in everything you do. Everything in your dining experience at Peyton Place, from our delicious rolls, to our chorizo and hand, rolled pasta are house made, and every ingredient passes through Chef James’s hands.

The culinary arts are one of the oldest and most significant forms of engineering, and Chef James truly is an engineer when it comes to presenting his food in a way that is clean, easy to eat, delicious, and above all consciously prepared.


Chef James Peyton and Hostess Heidi Peyton have spent 24 years now honing their vision for Peyton Place and have each developed a unique style. James and Heidi Peyton met in 1990 and founded Peyton Place in 1993.

Chef James has spent 32 years in the culinary industry and 24 of those years he has spent perfecting his own style. Much of the reason James was inspired to pursue his own vision was his disappointment with what he had seen in the culinary world before founding Peyton Place. The cleanliness and precision that he so cared about were not a reality in the hotels and restaurants he had worked in around the country.

Conscious Food, to us, means being aware of the entire process in your dining experience. Many of our ingredients are grown directly from the 1-acre garden behind our restaurant, but we are still not where we want to be.

Our goal is to become even more self-sustaining and truly complete our initiative on conscious food by growing all of our own produce. The name of our budding farm is Sunday Mountain Valley Farms and you can find it on Instagram and Facebook.

Apart from the food itself, Peyton Place offers a beautiful and engaging front of the house. The 1773 Tavern House, complete with patio and dining rooms is only complimented by Heidi’s decorative tableware. At each table, candles are intimately set and mirrors hang on the walls, reflecting happy faces!


Hostess Heidi Peyton has also been establishing her own unique style of service for the past 24 years. She is ever present in the dining room with her classic chalkboard menus. Over 24 years she has practiced descriptive and enlivening orations of each item.

In bringing the entire table around one menu and opening doors for deeper conversation about how the food is made, she encourages a different type of social dining atmosphere. She wants customers to engage fully both with each other and with every part of the Peyton Place dining experience.

Our belief in Conscious Food manifests in the three pillars of Local Produce, Superior Preparation, and Social Dining. These pillars are what allow us to create the authentic and unique gourmet style that is Peyton Place Restaurant.

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