• Peyton Place Restaurant (map)
  • 454 New Hampshire 10
  • Orford, NH, 03777
  • United States

Talented Local Musicians Thal Aylward and Ted Mortimer Come Together at Peyton Place to Create Magical Moments and Memories in Our Music Community.

Thal Aylward Plays the Violin with Visible Passion, Releasing Sounds that Would Help Even the Most Troubled Minds Lift Far Away From this World and Into the Open Skies of Musical Melodies in the 1773 Tavern House. 

Ted Mortimer will Play and Sing Beside Him. Everybody Who has Been a Part of the Music Experience Knows Ted Mortimer by Now! His soothing, Jazz Inspired style will Provide the Song Base for Thal Aylward to Accentuate the Experience with the Exalting Sounds of Passionately Played Violin/Fiddle!

They Will Play Jazz, Country, Folk, Rock & Roll Bluegrass, Americana and Eveything Inbetween Based On What the Audience Suggests!

Come Have a Drink, Eat Some Wonderful Food and Help Support this Precious Smalltow Music Culture. It is more important than ever, in these winter months to support local music!