• Peyton Place Restaurant (map)
  • 454 New Hampshire 10
  • Orford, NH, 03777
  • United States

Your last chance to see these two incredible musicians at Peyton Place! At Peyton Place we value diversity, both in our food and in our Music Experience. Alison turner and Micheal Parker of the Soulfix Duo always give a diverse performance that cuts to the soul of what we want to deliver to you at the #PeytonPlaceMusicExperience. What you view is a live mix of songs, from the most current pop hits to the annals of classic blues, rock and jazz. Ali T. is an up and coming artist with a powerful and rangy voice! She is backed up by Micheal Parker, a truly generous, humble and talented full time Saxophonist for the band Soulfix. This power duo continue to improve every time we hear them! You don't want to miss them! Again, it will be your last chance to see them together.