• Peyton Place Restaurant (map)
  • 454 New Hampshire 10
  • Orford, NH, 03777
  • United States

Wild Roots will Present Original Folk Music and Alternative Country, Written Right Here in the Upper Valley by Rowe Williams and Thomas Chapin. Their Style is Upbeat with Positive, Thoughtfully Written Lyrics that the Whole Family Will Enjoy! They will also be accompanied by a full band!

The Collaboration of These Two Singer Songwriters Creates a Blend of Folk, Pop, Rock and Bluegrass. Their Sound Finds and Original Balance Between Nuanced Mountain Music Instrumentals and Soulful Harmonies of Two Happy Musicians. 

The Chemistry Between Rowe Williams and Thomas Chapin is Undeniable. They Both Bring Songs to the Table and Are Fans of Each Other's Work, and it Shows! When They Play There Are Smiles All the Way Around!

Below is a original song by Thomas!